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Shopify Migration is deservedly considered one of the market leaders. Despite the size of the business, this cart offers a wide range of user-friendly solutions. Additionally, the platform provides enhanced functionality combined with reasonable cost. If you decided to perform Shopify migration our service will ease the whole process and assist you in all the questions that may arise during it.

We will support you with moving all your e-Commerce data, orders, categories, goods, clients and many more. By the same token, migration saves the connections among the categories.

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The service provides swift and smooth Shopify migration. No need to worry about the level of your tech skills as you won’t need them, it’s all fully automated! Should there be any migration-related question our Support team is here to back you up. Feel free to drop a message 24/7.

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What information will be shifted to or from Shopify?

Supported Entities

Goods information, Name, Details, Price and many more
Goods Image
Goods Image. All the product pictures from the Source cart.
These are descriptions that help to organize all the products that have tags and keep them in mind.
Goods Variants
Different products assorted with similar versions, which jointly shape a category.
Category Pictures
Pictures that match goods categories.
Details regarding each manufacturer of the product, Details, Name, Meta Description, etc.
Details of each consumer. Name, login, workplace, telephone number etc.
The details regarding consumer order. Addresses, status, currencies etc.

  • Coupons. Special codes designed for discounts or any offer.
  • Reviews. Feedbacks regarding the goods on the website. 


    • Blogs. Data and information for blogging engines. 
    • Posts From a Blog Page. The content that was taken from the blog page.
    • Multi store

  • CMS Pages.



More options

Build 301 redirects on the Targeted cart when migration is completed
Clean up the data on the Targeted store before migration
Move product divisions and SEO URL’s
Move different types of descriptions from blogs, goods and categories
Vary the goods number to 100 on the New Store

How Much Does Cost Migration?

Demo Info

Our demo is completely free: you don’t have to share credit card information.


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“Our migration was performed very fast and with no issues, thank you!”

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General question regarding Shopify Migration

Popular Questions

Is it possible to migrate my blog and blog posts?
We perform blog and blog post migrations. In order to take such an action, your cart has to have build-in blog engine.
My source store operates on a few languages, how can I move them?
In order to display the languages from the current store you have to include and configure them in your desired store.
Do I need to delete the information on my first store when migration is completed?
We strongly recommend to not delete any data from the source store even when migration is completed.
Do I need to switch the maintenance mode on while performing the migration?
The action is recommended to do. The step will ensure that you won’t lose any orders during the migration.
Is it possible to perform more than one migration at the same time?
We do not recommend performing such action as it may negatively cause the results. It is better to wait when the first migration is done and then start the next one.

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